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Reducing NOx, CO2 and N2O Emissions now

RedNOx is a company that creates greenhouse gas emissions sensors. It combines advanced ceramic engineering with high-precision instrumentation to make selective and sensitive NOx, CO2 and N2O measurement platform. It has started several verification programs in collaboration with top automotive and agriculture companies.

Breakthrough NOx Technology

Our platform can measure NOx and N2O greenhouse gases at the parts-per-billion level. Our goal is to provide sensor platforms to clean energy and alternative fuel engines around the world as quickly as possible. We are developing these sensors for use in various mobility areas. Our LoNOxTM high-temperature ceramics and N2O technologies can potentially reduce emissions to levels set by the EPA and CARB, while also lowering costs for engine manufacturers and farmers.

We know our success depends on our values

Move complete NOx and N2O technology forward

We accelerate research and hard technologies to manufacturers and producers.

Learn and embrace change

We are innately curious, and constantly changing for all the right reasons.

Deliver results

We focus on outcomes for our customers, not obstacles.

Be intellectually honest and transparent

We make data-driven decisions.

Foster collaboration

We work together across functions, teams, expertise, and backgrounds.

Develop people

We care about our people and their future.

Our Investors

Why RedNOx, Inc?

At RedNOx, we’ve brought together the best engineers and scientists to develop the world’s first and parts-per-billion (ppb) NOx platform, and to create new GHG sensors to enable the world to move towards greener future.